Who we are

Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia (CMIC) was established in 2009, as an initiative of seven Australian major Chinese herbal medicine suppliers, to ensure an effective and sustainable supply of quality products and tools to Chinese medicine practitioners to meet the best clinical needs. The five principles of “Quality, Safety, Efficacy, Availability and Affordability” are our core values.

The CMIC is a platform for suppliers, dispensers, educators, researchers, manufacturers and practitioners who also have an interest in herbal medicine to work together for the ultimate interest of public health, through which professional counselling will be provided to enforce the self-discipline and development of the profession while providing consultations to governments for holistic management for the industry.

Chinese herbal medicine is part of complementary medicine in Australia, and Chinese medicine practitioners are part of Australian Healthcare workforce. We are expecting for more to join the big family.

What we do

CMIC aims to safeguard the sustainability of profession under Chinese medicine in Australia. We promote the industrial union for all Chinese medicine sectors to cooperate and work together for the effective supply and reliable clinical result for patients’ health as an ultimate goal.

We raise the awareness of self-disciplines for members by endorsing or setting industrial standards and codes such as Safe Practice Guide of Chinese herbal medicine, code of conduct, code of wholesale practice, and code of industry player.

To cope with the rapid development of healthcare techniques and knowledges, we provide regular continued professional development seminars and courses with various topics related to the profession, and actively involved in the government consultation for new or review of standards and guidelines. Meanwhile we strive to encourage all Chinese medicine sectors to serve the public better in a high standard with industrial award programmes.