2023 Australian Qi-Huang Award Announced and Presented  

October 21, 2023 was a big day for the Australian Chinese medicine industry. The Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia ( CMIC ) 2023 AGM and the 2023 Australian Qi-Huang Award Ceremony was grandly held in Sydney. CMIC organized this special dinner event, at a key time node when the post-epidemic era is about to pass and the normalization of the era of mutual cooperation between Chinese and Western medicine is about to begin. It is not just an awards dinner and academic exchange night, it is a major opportunity for people in the industry to gather together, share stories, deepen the friendship, and revitalize the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

The event was opened and chaired by the CMIC President Dr. Max Ma. The conference collectively discussed the CMIC 2023 annual business report and financial report, and the honorary legal counsel Mr. James Hui presided over the routine election of the board members.

After the vivid opening dance performance and opening introduction by the Sky Dance Studio, Dr. Max Anyang Ma, President of the Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia (CMIC) presided over a discussion session on hot topics in the industry:  How to promote and secure the sustainability of the Chinese medicine industry in Australia. Senior TCM players Dr. Chi Jing Liu, Dr. Kevin Chang, Dr. Qiao Shi, and Mr. Wei Liu were invited as the panellist to share their insights, experience and suggestions.

The 2023 Australian Qi-Huang Award Ceremony officially began after the sumptuous lobster dinner served. Since the application channel for this award was opened in August, CMIC has received many applications from individuals and enterprises candidates. After an open, fair and integral assessment by the jury panel, Dr. Max Ma announced the individual award winners of the Australian Qi-Huang Award. They are: Mr. Phuoc Thang Tran OAM for Outstanding Supplies in Chinese Medicine; Dr. Yifan Yang for Outstanding Education in Chinese Medicine; Dr. Chris Zaslawski, Ms. Chunfen Hung, Mr. Gary Wu, and Dr. Liangzhong Chen are awardees for “Outstanding TCM Contribution”; while Dr. Qiao Shi is awarded as Outstanding Influence in Chinese Medicine; and both the Chinese Medicine Practitioner—Mr Baosheng Chen, and Chinese Herbal Dispenser—Ms Shaoming Xu are awarded as Outstanding Practice in Chinese Medicine .

There are four corporate award winners: Acuneeds Australia and Chi Herbal Pty Ltd are awarded as “Outstanding Supplies in Chinese Medicine”, while Beijing Tong Ren Tang Australia and Tasly Healthpac International win the prize of “Outstanding Influence in Chinese Medicine” (Awardees are listed in alphabetical order under each award category).