CMIC TCM Industrial Award 2022-2023 Announcement

TCM Industry Award (TIA) is a nationwide award acknowledging the outstanding achievement or contributions made by an individual or business to the traditional Chinese medicine industry in Australia and assessed in a biennial base. To recognize and reward those contributors to the Chinese medicine industry in Australia and to promote the awareness and image of the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a whole; 2023 CMIC TCM Industrial Award (known as CMIC Australian Qi-Huang Award) is now open for application.

Application of the Award and the Panellist due date is 31st August 2023.

Sponsored assessment fee schedules for Individual is $200.00 per subcategory; for Business is $ 2000.00 per subcategory (there is no restriction to apply for more than one subcategory).

No refund whether the application/nomination is successful or unsuccessful.

Please click on the pdf file for guidance and download the application forms below.

Please email the completed application form(s) to before the due date.

CMIC sincerely look forward to working together with the merit individuals and businesses on the way to a prospers future for TCM in Australia.