CMIC CPD Webinar 26/05/2024

CMIC collaborated with FCMA to run the 2024 second CPD seminar for all members and TCMindustrial practitioner friends on 26th May Sunday. Time: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, 26th May Sunday 2024 Venue: via Zoom Program details:     * What’s new on the CMBA’s guidelines for practice of acupunctureand Chinese herbal medicine 2023 (90 … Read more

CMIC CPD Webinar 27/03/2024

CMIC organised the 2024 first CPD seminar for all members and TCM industrial practitioner friends on 27th March Wednesday evening. Over 80 attendants had listened to this professional seminar. Time: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Wednesday 27 March 2024 Venue: via Zoom Program: Topic 1: The importance of Empirical Identification of Common Chinese Medicinal Materials … Read more

2023 Australian Qi-Huang Award Announced and Presented  

October 21, 2023 was a big day for the Australian Chinese medicine industry. The Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia ( CMIC ) 2023 AGM and the 2023 Australian Qi-Huang Award Ceremony was grandly held in Sydney. CMIC organized this special dinner event, at a key time node when the post-epidemic era is about to … Read more

TCM Educational Downturn-Decision to Discontinue the Dedicated Undergraduate Program for Chinese Medicine

Recently, TCM in Australia has be on the verge of a downturn as one of the famous Australian universities has made a decision to discontinue the undergraduate program for Chinese Medicine. To discontinue the undergraduate program means a diminishing supply of the TCM healthcare workforce will be expected. Professionals understand that the role of a … Read more

CMIC TCM Industrial Award 2022-2023 Announcement

TCM Industry Award (TIA) is a nationwide award acknowledging the outstanding achievement or contributions made by an individual or business to the traditional Chinese medicine industry in Australia and assessed in a biennial base. To recognize and reward those contributors to the Chinese medicine industry in Australia and to promote the awareness and image of … Read more

Sponsored Event: Upcoming Exhibition “Chinese Materia Medica: the Hidden Story of Healing Plants”

CMIC is cordially inviting you to attend an upcoming exhibition —Chinese Materia Medica: The Hidden Story of Healing Plants.  Check out exhibits on plants and herbs, antique prescriptions, and get a taste of Chinese culture with activities like calligraphy and Tai Chi.  This first-ever event themed around traditional Chinese medicine is hosted by Western Sydney … Read more

CMIC CPD Webinar 07/06/2023

Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia organised TCM practitioners to attend the CPD Webinar on the Wednesday 7th June 2023. The audiences gave many positive reviews about the webinar, commenting that both doctors had given very informative content and useful practice/guidance. Time: 7 pm-10 pm, Wednesday 7th June 2023 (3 hours points) Venue:  Zoom Meeting … Read more

CMIC Submission on Targeted Consultation from Ahpra on Using the New Power to Issue Public Statements

Ahpra is undertaking targeted consultation with key stakeholders on how to use the new power under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law to issue public statements. Targeted consultation allows Ahpra to test and refine proposed implementation with important stakeholders and to help improve the clarity and workability of documentation and proposed approach to implementation. It … Read more

CMIC CPD Webinar 19/03/2023

Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia (CMIC) co-organized the 1st online CPD Event with Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia (FCMA) on the Sunday afternoon of 19th March 2023. The webinar attracted hundreds of TCM practitioners and students and delivered intuitive information to the industry. Time: 2 pm-6 pm, Sunday, 19th March … Read more

CMIC CPD Webinar 07/10/2022

Due to COVID19 restrictions, we are running this CPD Event via Zoom Cloud Meeting. Time: 6:45pm- 9:45pm, Friday, 7th October 2022 (3hours Points) Venue: Zoom Meeting Link will be provided via RSVP Topics and presenters: 1. Covid Case Study and TCM Treatment by Dr Yifan Yang 2. Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacology by Professor Chunguang Li Fees: Current CMIC Financial Member — Free (with CMIC certificate)           Non-member — AUD$60.00 (with CMIC certificate + 2021-2022 CMIC Membership)           Member of other Associations — No CMIC certificate but subject to specific association/organizations