(a) Purely for non-profitable and charitable purposes to promote the development and safeguard the interests of Chinese medicine in Australia.

(b) To unite and support Members for a better, healthier and sustainable development in Australia.

(c) To undertake independent research, and foster innovative thinking on issues that may affect Chinese medicine industry in Australia.

(d) To lobby, communicate and liaise with government bodies on issues that concern the Chinese medicine industry.

(e) To enhance the exchange of information and networks for sponsors, dealers, suppliers, researchers, educators, manufacturers, farmers and other related interested groups in the industry.

(f) To encourage research contributions by government agencies, organizations, academics, business people and individuals for Chinese medicine.

(g) To set a code of practice, rules or other standards for the supply of Chinese medicine and facilitate the government to implement a fair, practical and effective scheme with respect to the management of the Chinese medicine industry in Australia.

(h) To promote the awareness and image of Chinese medicine in Australia by ensuring that the public be benefited in terms of efficacy, quality and safety.