TCM Educational Downturn-Decision to Discontinue the Dedicated Undergraduate Program for Chinese Medicine

Recently, TCM in Australia has be on the verge of a downturn as one of the famous Australian universities has made a decision to discontinue the undergraduate program for Chinese Medicine.

To discontinue the undergraduate program means a diminishing supply of the TCM healthcare workforce will be expected. Professionals understand that the role of a university is to promote and advance the growth of the profession. While the master of acupuncture program stays, it no longer has the basic program to support the profession as this is the foundation for primary healthcare.  Chinese medicine provides the public an alternative and choice to the range of available healthcare.  It has proven to be efficacious and cost effective.  The university has contributed much to this.

As a stakeholder of Chinese medicine in Australia, in addition to an official letter to the president of the high management, CMIC management and the members have sent opinions on this case.