TCM Industrial Award

The Covid-19 has departed people and the industry away from each other but CMIC believes with the whole community making efforts in containing the spread together during this lockdown, we will prosper soon.

To keep all TCM stakeholders together, as well as to appreciate those who have great contribution to the industry, CMIC is initiating the “2021 TCM Industrial Award”.


Written application form or nomination form (Appendix 1) by any individual or business received by the CMIC secretariat office before 31 August 2021.

Pre-assessment decision made by the panellist before 14 September 2021.

Notification to pre-qualified candidates for paying assessment fees covering associated cost after invoice issued by 7 September 2021.

Final assessment and decision by 30 September 2021.

Award Delivering to be arranged in October 2021 with further notice.

Application and Sponsorship

Sponsor Individual fee rate is $ 200.00 per subcategory. Sponsor Business fee rate is $ 2000.00 per subcategory. There is no restriction to apply more than one subcategory.

Award and Presentation

1. Outstanding Supplies in Chinese Medicine

2. Outstanding Practice in Chinese Medicine

3. Outstanding Research in Chinese Medicine

4. Outstanding Education in Chinese Medicine

5. Outstanding Policy Contribution in TCM

6. Outstanding influence in Chinese Medicine

7. Outstanding TCM Achievement

8. Outstanding TCM Contribution

Award: Certificate + trophy or similar

Delivery method: during AGM /Gala event /remotely decided by the CMIC board

Media release: CMIC web, WeChat group, local media

Download the Appendix 1 Form for application. Please be reminded you could also apply for the Assessment Panel by completing the Appendix 2 Form.

Please download the PDF for further award criteria.

Look forward to your application and referral.

More questions please contact CMIC Secretariat Office for administration support.