CMIC TCM Industrial Award

The Covid-19 has departed people and the industry away from each other but CMIC believes with the whole community making efforts in containing the spread together during this lockdown, we will prosper soon.

To keep all TCM stakeholders together, as well as to appreciate those who have great contribution to the industry, CMIC initiated the “CMIC TCM Industrial Award” in 2021 and is still running the Award.

TCM Industry Award (TIA) is a nationwide award acknowledging the outstanding achievement or contributions made by an individual or business to the traditional Chinese medicine industry in Australia and assessed in a biennial base. One can submit the application for themselves or refer others.


1. To recognize and reward those contributors to the Chinese medicine industry in Australia;

2. To promote the awareness and image of the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a whole;

3. To enhance the exchange of information and networks for all industrial players.

4. To encourage more individuals and businesses to get on board to serve the people well.

5. To foster and create a fair practicing environment for the sustainability of the profession.   

Award and Presentation

1. Outstanding Supplies in Chinese Medicine

2. Outstanding Practice in Chinese Medicine

3. Outstanding Research in Chinese Medicine

4. Outstanding Education in Chinese Medicine

5. Outstanding Policy Contribution in TCM

6. Outstanding influence in Chinese Medicine

7. Outstanding TCM Achievement

8. Outstanding TCM Contribution

More questions please contact CMIC Secretariat Office for administration support.